Big game

Truth and consequences – Don the Con Jr hired an attorney because he admitted to meeting with a Russian operative during the campaign in order to hurt Hillary. Throw him to the lyins. It’s payback time! Karma Safari!

Jr tweeted this morning that the media and Dems are extremely invested in the Russia story. Chip off the old blockhead.

Will Daddy Dearest lie for his son or will he throw him under the bus like he does everybody else? Jared was there, too. Who does he like better? Can or Able?

WC Fields said, “The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath.” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said, “ Russia is an ally we must coordinate with.” America smells a rat.

The Trump crime family has gone from collusion is a hoax to collusion is not a crime so what’s the big deal to hiring Scooby Doo to find the real colluder.

Even with clear proof of collusion, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said there was no collusion no way no how. They’re just gaming the system – everybody does it!

No cameras again for the press briefing yesterday. Same thing for today.

Drinking game: If Trump ever does a press conference, every time Trump says, “fake news” do a shot. The last one standing at the end of his rant is the winner. The prize is you won. You’ll be sick of all the winning because now you have alcohol poisoning.

In order to stay relevant, transparent, and close to his fans, Trump had a smart phone app designed called, “The Trump Tracker”, where you can follow Trump’s moves throughout the day. Watch him go from the kitchen to the bathroom to the TV room to the kitchen again in real time.

Women who got burned by Trump but never signed nondisclosure statements are designing their own app, ”The Object of the Game” where women wearing pink pussy hats drive golf carts to the White House to objectify, insult, betray, and mock a pig in a wig in the Oval Office.

In another move to defy dignity and decorum of the presidency, Steve Bannon will be taping a new conspiracy theory talk show live from the Oval Office on youtube. Mike Pence will be his sidekick and will sit in a chair next to him, nodding sincerely. Not to be outdone or upstaged, Trump wants to start his own game show called, “Poor Me.”

Wargames update: Nobody knows what’s going on with North Korea or Syria because Trump’s tweets dominate the headlines.

Mitch McConnell is going to roll the dice this week to see what happens with his deathcare bill. It’s all fun and games until the cops start dumping people out of their wheel chairs.

80 protesters were arrested on Capitol Hill yesterday.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: It’s Dungeons and Dragons in the House, Senate and White House. A Republican white man’s fantasy where players pretend that they can out smart “paid protesters.”

Woman in Iowa who illegally tried to vote for Trump twice says she did it because Trump said the election was rigged. Bingo!

For stressed out, sleep deprived, anxious Americans who have trouble sleeping because they fear what Trump will do in the middle of the night, try counting indictments instead of sheep.

Trump has made history! He is the worst president ever. Does he care? Hell now. He doesn’t care what history says about him because it’s just a game.

Trump voters suck at trivia games because they don’t know anything.

Spoiler alert: Perjury, treason, obstruction of justice…….it doesn’t matter. The Republicans won’t impeach. This is the hunger games.


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