There is no war on white people

Trump was confronted by reporters at his gilded tower in New York and he not only shot himself in the foot, he shot his foot right off. Everybody thought he was going to talk about infrastructure but he went off on the media and the “alt-left.” He was defensive and rude, growled at the press like a wild dog, and was his real bully self. He really lost it – “What’s next? Taking down statues of George Washington? Where does it stop?”

The White House staff was shocked that Trump said stuff in public that he says all the time in private.

General Kelly looked like he was going to cry.

He doesn’t know the difference between George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

The president of the United States actually defended a white supremacists rally, saying people were there to protect “a very important statue.”

Lexington, Jacksonville, Durham, Memphis, Baltimore, and Annapolis are all knocking down their confederate statues.

A black woman who was involved in toppling a confederate statue was arrested. None of the white supremacists who almost clubbed a black man to death (on camera) have been arrested.

There aren’t any statues of Hitler in Germany.

6 CEOs have resigned from Trump’s Alliance for Manufacturing advisory board because of Charlottesville.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Denouncing Nazis is easy.
Denounce Trump.

The moral failure of Donald Trump is now complete. It’s a moral reckoning for the Republicans. What’s it going to be? America or Trump?

“Counter protesters are the alt-left. They’re just as much to blame” – Robert E. Trump

“Trump can’t be a white supremacist sympathizer because he has Jewish grand kids” – Trump supporter

“Nazis are a lot like cats. If they like you, it’s probably because you’re feeding them” John Oliver

“Lincoln: 4 score and 7 seven years ago……
FDR: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself
JFK: Ask not what your country can do for you…….
Trump: Actually the Nazis had a permit” – Mike Stazzman, with edits by Peter Sullivan

Trump’s approval rating with Republicans is in the high 70s. That means racists are everywhere. They’re not all marching in the streets with lit torches, wearing the MAGA red hat, or defending Trump on Facebook. They’re sitting next to you at work, in the PTA, at your family reunion, living in your neighborhood. Ewwww.

Nine more Nazi rallies are scheduled for this weekend.

50,000 masked klansmen marched through the streets of Washington DC in 1926. Trump’s dad marched with them in 1927 and got arrested. Trump denies it even though there is a public record of it.

President Obama’s tweet after Charlottesville is the most liked tweet in history. That is going to ruin Trump’s day but he’ll deny it and say he’s got the most likes.

Somebody vandalized the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump said Heather Heyer’s mom said nice things about him.

There is no war on white people.

Louis CK on being white:

Sorry I’m being so negative. I’m a bummer. I don’t know–I shouldn’t be. I’m a very, you know, lucky guy. I’ve got a lot going for me: I’m healthy, I’m relatively young, I’m white…which, thank God for that shit, boy. That is a huge leg up. Are you kidding me? Oh, God, I love being white. I really do. Seriously, if you’re not white, you’re missing out. Because this shit is thoroughly good. Let me be clear, by the way. I’m not saying that white people are better. I’m saying that being white is clearly better. Who could even argue? If it was an option, I would re-up every year.

Oh, yeah, I’ll take ‘white’ again, absolutely. I’ve been enjoying that. I’m gonna stick with white, thank you.

Here’s how great it is to be white: I can get in a time machine and go to any time, and it would be fucking awesome when I get there! That is exclusively a white privilege. Black people can’t fuck with time machines! A black guy in a time machine’s like, “Hey, anything before 1980, no thank you. I don’t want to go.” But I can go to any time! The year 2. I don’t even know what’s happening then, but I know when I get there, “Welcome, we have a table right here for you, sir.”

“Thank you. Oh, it’s lovely here in the year 2.”

I can go to any time–in the past. I don’t want to go to the future and find out what happens to white people because we’re gonna pay hard for this shit, you got to know that. We’re not going to just fall from number one to two. They’re gonna hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever. And we totally deserve it. But for now, wheeeeeeee!

Now, if you’re white and you don’t admit that it’s great, you’re an asshole. It is great. And I’m a man. How many advantages could one person have? I’m a white man. You can’t even hurt my feelings! What can you really call a white man that really digs deep?

“Hey, cracker.”

“Uh. Ruined my day. Boy you shouldn’t have called me a cracker. Bringing me back to owning land and people, what a drag.”


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