Liar liar

The presidency of the United States is reality TV and Trump is Putin’s Apprentice.

The Washington Post came out with a lengthy piece that says that Putin is directly involved in the cyber attack on America, calling it the crime of the century. The plan was to defeat Clinton and make Trump president. The Obama administration took it as seriously as it did taking down Osama bin Laden, but didn’t retaliate with full US power because it didn’t want to interfere with the election. Russia should have paid a much bigger price for the attack, but Obama was worried that it would look like Obama was helping Hillary, especially since Trump had already claimed that the election was rigged (it was.) The Democrats wanted to tell the public, the Republicans did not. Since Obama thought for sure that Hillary would win, he decided to leave punishing Russia to her. Trump is Putin’s puppet. He not only “won” the election but he’s indebted to Russia financially. We’ll get proof of that once his taxes are subpoenaed (what’s the big deal, Donald? It’s not like we’re asking for your birth certificate.) Now Trump is in charge of punishing Russia and making sure they don’t ever do this again. He won’t.

The Russia story is way bigger than collusion. The collusion part is for amateurs. Greedy, shortsighted amateurs.

Trump wants everybody to believe that he’s just finding out about Russia even though it’s been on the news every day and he’s the president so he should know, duh. The Twitter trail says it all. The most recent, ironic stupid tweet: “Obama knew about Russia meddling but didn’t do anything.” Don the Con knows about Russia and he’s not doing anything.

Lawyers had Spicer face the press and say that he finally got around to talking to the president about whether or not he thinks Russia interfered with the election. The answer is yes.

Never give a liar the benefit of the doubt.

Former Apprentice star, and now a member of the Trump administration, Omarosa Manigault, wants everybody to Make Omarosa Great Again by referring to her as “The Honorable Omarosa Manigault.” This title is normally reserved for members of Congress, heads of federal agencies, and judges. She’s just another Trump adviser, whatever that means.

Early childhood experts have been called in to help staff manage toddler tantrums in the White House. They are setting their alarm clocks for half past the president’s ass to sit with Trump in the middle of the night so he can rant to them and not take to Twitter.

When Trump has a hard time falling asleep he counts sheep in red hats.

Oversight chair Howdy Doody Trey Gowdy says his committee won’t pursue Russia probe. Benghazi yes, Russia no.

The White House is spinning Comey and Mueller’s relationship. Just how close are they? Fox News wants to know.

George W. Bush is starting to look pretty good these days and the nation isn’t even drunk.

Another Republican has announced he will vote no on the murderous healthcare bill – Senator Dean Heller from Nevada. A Republican Super PAC has said they’ll go after him with six figure attack ads.

ADAPT is a national grass-roots organization that organizes disability rights activists. In 1978 they stopped traffic in Denver, surrounding buses in their wheel chairs to draw attention to the fact that the buses were not accessible.In 1985 their demands were met and the buses were outfitted with lifts and ramps. Their efforts had a ripple effect resulting in the American Disability Act of 1990.This week they took on Mitch McConnell and were thrown out of the capitol. People stepped over them in the halls, cops dragged them out of their wheel chairs and cameras kept rolling. Watch for the ripple effect.

Protesters orchestrated die-ins at Rob Portman’s office in Ohio and Pat Toomey’s office in Pennsyvlania (staying all night.) Angry constituents showed up at Jeff Flake’s office in Arizona chanting, “CALL HIM!” Protesters filled the terminals at DC airports to scream at senators who were flying home for the weekend. Senators are bummed that their constituents are ruining their weekend, they work so hard.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: Senator Pat Toomey – he spearheaded the deep cuts to Medicaid in the Republican health care bill. He said Medicaid needs to be cut to be more sustainable. Killing people and throwing them out in the street is necessary to make Medicaid more sustainable.Got it. He out right lied and said that their bill had had lots of outside input when in fact they drafted the bill under the covers with flashlights in Mitch McConnell’s bed. He’s a big supporter of Betsy DeVos and charter schools, as well as cutting down trees wherever you find them and drilling for oil whenever greed calls. He doesn’t like immigrants or gay people. He was re-elected in 2016 which means we’re stuck with him for 6 years. Thanks a lot, Pennsylvania.

A Russian fighter jet came upon one of our planes in international air space and got as close as 5’. This isn’t the first time that this has happened since we shot down a Syrian plane. Russia is playing chicken in the sky. Chickens aren’t supposed to fly so Trump needs to be impeached NOW and take his Most Honorable Boobs with him (Melania, too.)

Now tweet this: Trump put his hand on a book he’s never read to take an oath he’ll never keep to uphold a constitution he doesn’t understand. Now what?

Political theatre

Trump told the crowd in Iowa that they’d be getting the biggest tax cut ever and they all cheered. Yeehaw! We’re gonna get some money! He wasn’t really talking about them, he just wanted to hear the applause. He’d had a rough week and needed a little stroking from the audience. He got a standing ovation when he said immigration rules should include no welfare benefits for at least 5 yrs. That’s already a law. For over 20 years.

The Getting Away with Murder Act opened to really bad reviews. The mid-evil healthcare bill guts Medicaid, takes credits away from middle class, strips funding to Planned Parenthood, and that’s joust for starters. When disabled people showed up at Mitch McConnell’s office in wheelchairs to stage a die-in and speak out against their government, protesting cuts to life saving Medicaid, security threw them out, pulled them out of their wheel chairs, dragged them through the halls of congress, and arrested 43 of them.

The Fabulous Four came out soon after the bill was released with a typed statement saying they couldn’t support the bill as is. They are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson. Since Rand Paul is the other Senator from Kentucky and quite chummy with Mitch McConnell, and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were two of the 12 angry men who were drafted to write the bill, this has got to be part of the overall strategy. This was staged. What are they up to?

Rep. Trey Gowdy put on quite a show yesterday on CNN admonishing leakers. Hollering and sweating and forcefully making his point, he said that people don’t take congressional hearings seriously because of leakers. No, Trey, they don’t take YOU seriously because you tried to take down Hillary Clinton with the Benghazi Spectacle that went on forever. You made a fool of yourself and the American people have not forgotten. Put your finger down, wipe that sweat off of your face, and whatever you do, do not take a bow.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers said that Trump directed them to say that they saw no evidence of collusion.

The right wing wanna be Thespian who shot up a DC pizza parlor thinking he was busting up a child sex ring supposedly run by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton got 4 years in jail. He heard about the human trafficking operation from Alex Jones and InfoWars, and Michael Flynn Jr. Alex Jones says, “Look, I’m just an entertainer” so he’s off the hook. Michael Flynn Jr got demoted to under study. He lost his job on Trump’s transition team. No big whoop. Now he has more time to tweet about more conspiracy theories.

Trump admitted that he doesn’t have any tapes of his conversation with Comey. It was just an act. His supporters have no problem with it. Everybody else is used to this by now and that’s not good.

The President of the United States can’t be trusted.

Why does Art of the Deal have four Chapter 11s?

Bill Cosby is going to teach young people how to avoid sexual assault charges. That’s show biz.

Republican Hypocrites Fun Fact: There is something fishy going on with the repugs who came out first thing against Mitch McConnell. They’re acting. Ted Cruz against something so cruel and horrible? Come on! This is theatre magic. While the audience is focused stage left, the villains are emerging from a trap door, stage right. Look out!

Matt Laslo, Public Radio Reporter & Contributor for Rolling Stone, went on the Bill Press Show this morning and told a story of sitting next to Ohio congressman Tim Ryan in a bar. He was so coked up he was grinding his teeth. When Matt told the bartender who he was, the bartender said, “No way – he’s not a congressman, he’s too wasted,” so Matt pulled up his congressional head shot on his phone. He passed the audition.

He is playing the part of a congressman.

Liberals are fighting with each other about who is to blame for the Dems not winning in the deep, DEEP south.

Republicans are hammering on Pelosi to draw attention away from how close they came to losing in the deep, DEEP south.

Give us your poor, your huddled masses

Trump threw a rally for himself for the farmers in Iowa so he could perform his greatest hits, take credit for the two Republicans who won on Tuesday, and brag about the wall that they’ve supposedly started building which is going to have solar panels so it can generate power and not cost the poor Mexicans too much. He got the farmers to come to his rally by promising them five acres and a mule. He told them that “We call you American patriots, amazing people,” “It’s so good to get out of the swamp,” “I don’t want any poor people around me,” and “I just want you to know God blesses you.” The crowd ate it up like free Spam sandwiches at a county fair.

Farmers in Kansas say they need more Mexicans.

The Republicans are playing games with our lives with national security and health care.

There is more proof that the Russians deliberately targeted blue counties in various states. Trump made no comment. He keeps Putin it off.

When John McCain was asked if he had seen the healthcare bill, he answered, “No, but Russia probably has.”

Poor Senator Chuck Schumer says the reason why the Republicans won’t let anybody see their bill is because they are ashamed. That is incorrect. Republicans know no shame.

Mitch the Bitch is going to flash HIS health care bill today to a small group of Republican senators – men only. After that he’ll flash it to the rest of the Senate. No debate, no amendments. Vote happens on Tuesday, the sick, the poor and the old be damned.

Trump went off script and told Congress to throw more money at the health care bill because he wanted to hear the poor people cheer.

Republicans could stop Mitch McConnell by standing up to him on behalf of our poor, disparaged country but they won’t. They could impeach Trump, too, but they won’t.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: Every single Republican senator who wants the public to believe that they aren’t happy about not seeing Mitch McConnell’s bill is going to turn around and vote for it. Either that or they are all lying and have been privy to what’s been going on behind closed doors all along – the plan being something really crappy so they can all vote no and save political face.

A third of our US Senators are over 70. None of them are poor. Mitch the Bitch is 75. Mitch the Bitch is disgustingly rich.

Trump voters want to know why everybody won’t just shut up about Russia and get back to attacking transgender people, Muslims, and immigrants.

The Congressional Black Caucus said no way to Trump’s invitation to get their picture taken with him.

Nevada Republican Congressman Cresent Hardy told a room full of anti-government people at a Libertarian Party Expo in Las Vegas that people with disabilities are a drain on society.

Sean Spicer is rolling over to another spot in Dear Leader’s bed. Steve Bannon says it’s because he’s fat.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be doing the press briefing today – no cameras or recorders. They’re tired of getting caught lying, stumbling around for answers, covering for the president, being recorded looking stupid, and being accessible to the public.

Baby Face Jared met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders yesterday to ask them to kiss and make up.

Jared Kushner still has a security clearance.

Trump got all excited about a Republican winning in Georgia and thought it was all because of him (the candidate, Karen Handel, never mentioned his name). He doesn’t get that the reliably 40 year old solid red district with no poor people moved 18 points toward Democrats in 7 months and that he and the repugs should be very, very worried.

Trump is going to hold his first re-election fundraiser at his D.C. hotel. No poor people allowed.

Not normal

It’s not normal that the White House won’t let reporters film or record press briefings.

It’s not normal that the White House isn’t keeping a log of who comes in and out of the White House.

It’s not normal that a foreign power attacked our country and the president has done nothing.

It’s not normal that the leader of the free world is personally indebted to Russia.

It’s not normal that the most powerful man in the world tweets presidential decisions and accusations in the middle of the night on an unsecure Android phone.

It’s not normal for a single, hate filled, vengeful senator to single-handedly draft a health care bill in secret that will kill Americans.

It’s not normal to write a health care bill in a couple of weeks without any input from doctors, health care experts, insurance companies, or Democrats.

It’s not normal to expect taxpayers to pay for the First Lady to live apart from her husband because she doesn’t want to live in the White House.

It’s not normal for the president to demonize the media and dismiss it as “fake news.”

It’s not normal for the president to knowingly allow an agent of a foreign government access to our most sensitive national security info.

It’s not normal for a president to conduct himself like a king.

It’s not normal for America to have a president who is ignorant of American history and uninformed about how the government is supposed to work.

It’s not normal for the president to get all of his information from Fox News and Breitbart.

It’s not normal for the president to bring his family in (who isn’t any more qualified than he is) to help him run the government.

It’s not normal for the president to appoint heads of departments who have no experience.

It’s not normal for the president to fire the head of the FBI to stop an investigation.

It’s not normal for this Republican controlled congress to not impeach this president.

It’s not normal for American politicians to be owned by the rich.

It’s not normal for the president, vice president, attorney general, and members of the White House staff to hire attorneys.

It’s not normal for the president to profit from the presidency.

It’s not normal that only one of the three branches government is functioning.

It’s not normal that the president thinks he is above the law.

It’s not normal for a president to lie on a daily basis and get away with it.

It’s not normal for someone to run for president who doesn’t really want to be president.

It’s not normal for a president to continue campaigning after he wins.

It’s not normal for an entire nation to be so depressed, anxious and ashamed.

Nothing about this president and the Republicans in power is normal so don’t normalize any of this by accepting it. Stay woke! We are a self-governing nation. When we don’t show up, this is what happens.


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It’s every man for himself in the White House these days.

Sean Spicer says that the president has confidence in his administration and he’s going to get those leakers.

Democrats held the senate floor last night to draw attention to the Republican secret healthcare bill scandal, telling personal stories of how their constituents have benefited from the Affordable Care Act.

On his way out the door, Jason Chaffetz stuck his tongue out at Congress and yelled, “The Trump administration is almost as bad as the Obama administration!” To which Congress quipped back, “He’s rubber, you’re glue, whatever bounces off him sticks to you.”

The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has asked the Muslim community to step up security measures for end-of-Ramadan activities after the murder of a teenaged Muslim girl over the weekend. America is home to a significant number of Islamaphobes who believe that all Muslims (1% of our population) are terrorists.

In Pennsylvania, a 4 year little old boy second amendmented himself with a loaded gun he found. He’s dead. It is not known yet if his 21 year old mom will be charged for leaving her loaded gun around where her 4 year old could find it.
In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at least 617 children have accidentally shot themselves or someone else with an unsecured firearm since January 2015, killing 238 people. Since January 2016, 72 toddlers have fired a gun, 24 killing themselves and 21 killing another person. Second amendment my ass.

The Supreme Court has delivered a blow to the GOP by taking a case on gerrymandering in Wisconsin. If all goes well, democracy could make a comeback.

Cops keep killing black people.

What if Cuba had a Trump Tower?

We shot down a Syrian aircraft. This is the first time we’ve done that since 1999. Now Russia says our planes are targets. Our state department is just one guy – the former CEO of Exxon. Yikes.

The White House Trojan horse: A giant chocolate cake on wheels, rolled in by the Keebler elf. Once in the oval office three Russian hookers jump out doing the punk rock pogo dance to the tune of “Secret Agent Man.”

Baby Face Jared finally opened his mouth and spoke out loud in front of the newly formed Technology Council (his lawyers told him not to be nervous because they were all gamers). He read his speech as if he was reading the Torah at his bar mitzvah. He’s a kid. He’s a spoiled rich kid, totally undeserving of the office he holds, the Secretary of Everything. His dad is a crook and his father in law is a crook. His lawyers don’t want us to think he’s a crook so they had him read a speech for the gamers.

Mitch McConnell will go down in history as being one of the most vindictive, cruelest, unpatriotic, sneakiest, undemocratic senators of all time. His legacy will be sabotaging one of America’s best presidents and destroying one of the most important pieces of legislation ever crafted, the Affordable Care Act.

Three of the seven sailors who died on the USS Fitzgerald were immigrants.

Women make up 51% of our population but only represent 20% of congress.

No recorders or cameras allowed during the White House press conference. Sean Spicer took a question from a Russian reporter, but not CNN. Yikes.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: Dancing with the Stars contestant Tom DeLay was once the House Majority Whip from Texas but left in disgrace in 2005 having gotten himself busted for conspiracy to violate election law. He was charged with money laundering and conspiracy charges related to illegal campaign finance activities in order to help Republican candidates in Texas. He was convicted in 2011 and sentenced to three years in prison but appealed and got off. Tom was one of the Republicans who really tried to stick it to Clinton by impeaching him for something he had done, A LOT – having sex with someone other than his wife. Didn’t matter, though. He didn’t lie about it under oath and besides, that was a long time ago. Tom was known as “Hot Tub Tom” in his pre-born again Christian days. He stuck his nose in the Terri Schiavo case on behalf of the United States government, too, even though he removed life support from his own father in 1988 (that was in his Hot Tub Tom days, so again, it doesn’t count.) He was pals with Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist who went to jail for fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy. Jack gave Tom trips, gifts, and political donations in exchange for favors. He lobbied Tom to stop legislation that banned sex shops and sweatshops in the Marianas, a South Pacific island paradise where workers sewed clothes all day and then had sex with strangers at night. If impregnated, they were flown to China where they were either forced to give birth or have abortions. The workers were recruited from poor countries who were told they were going to America. Tom never did consider any legislation dealing with human rights abuses in the Marianas, even though there was a bill that was drafted that had 228 co-sponsors. He visited the exotic islands himself and had a wonderful time. It was paradise, after all. Did Jesus sit with him on the beach and tell him it was OK that he ignore what was going on behind him, beyond the barbed wire? No one knows, but he never did put the bill on the legislative calendar. What’s he doing now? God told him that he is supposed to devote himself to rebuilding the conservative base of the Republican Party.

The war in Afghanistan has gone on for 14 years and we’re not winning it. Will Trump send more troops? Yikes.

The race is on in the 6th district of Georgia today for Newt Gingrich’s smelly old seat. Karen Handel is the Republican in the race. When she was the Secretary of State she had a reputation of suppressing voters. She was really strict about voting ID laws which kept people from voting because they lacked the proper ID. She sent letters to Democratic voters a week before the election in 2008 saying that there was a question about their citizenship status. Confused and frustrated voters didn’t show up to vote.This should be an interesting day since this seat has been held by a conservative for 40 years.The Democratic contender, Jon Ossoff, shouldn’t stand a chance, but he does.They’re neck and neck. Fifty thousand people have registered to vote since April and they’re pissed.Vote your Ossoff today in the 6th district of Georgia!

The Panamanian President is here for a visit. While posing for the cameras in the oval office, Trump said to reporters, “The Panama Canal is doing quite well. We did a good job building it, right?” Trump’s guest from Panama almost lost his lunch. Teddy Roosevelt took it, Jimmy Carter wanted to give it back, and Donald Trump doesn’t know where it is.

Trump isn’t welcome anywhere around the world which is fine by him because he doesn’t want to go anywhere anyway.


Don’t use that tone with ___________

Trump never tweeted about his kids on Father’s Day. His kids didn’t have much to say about him either.

Trump: I am under investigation. Trump’s lawyer: The president is not under investigation. Trump: Investigate the investigation! Trump’s lawyer: Tone it down, Trump, you are NOT under investigation!

Trump created the American Technology Council by executive order. There is a round table today where everybody can tell Dear Leader how tech savvy he is. Up next? A Humanities Council by executive order so he can set the tone for Shakespeare in the Park loving liberal elites that he gets it. At their round table, members of the council can take turns telling Dear Leader how great thou art.

Broadway in the Park: Sunset Blvd with Bill O’Reilly as Norma Desmond.

Karen Handel is a Republican running for Tom Price’s seat in Georgia. Her campaign has taken a disgusting tone, running filthy ads that say the unhinged violent left is celebrating the shooting of Republicans. Meanwhile, liberal voters in this affluent, highly educated district are activated and working around the clock to defeat her. This district has been a safe, red district for 40 years, but that could change tomorrow. Democrats, mostly women, have come out of the closet in the sixth district to knock on doors for Jon Ossoff, a young, moderate Democrat who could very well kick Handel’s ass. The race is tied in the polls which should freak the GOP out but they’re in denial, busily repealing Obamacare, keeping the “We’ve got it under control” tone, and covering for Trump.

“I’ll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us. Because moderates and independents in this district are tired of left-wing extremism.” said Brad Carver, GOP chairman in Georgia’s 11th congressional district, in a giddy tone of voice.

No tax bill. No healthcare bill. No immigration bill. But Trump says there is and that the Dems are obstructing all three of them. He said as much in his presidential tweet this morning when he endorsed Karen Handel.

Mitch McConnell didn’t do anything during the Obama administration but sabotage him. Five months into the Trump administration and he has stolen a Supreme Court seat, blocked bipartisan response to Russia, and is meeting in secret to take health insurance away from 23 million people. Same old tone.

Republicans say constituents aren’t calling in to oppose the AHCA. Mitch McConnell and his gang of 12 angry white men want to get this bill passed by July 4. Call your reps today and demand that the healthcare plan be made public (even if your reps are Dems) 202-224-3121.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: All of these Republican, white, male senators are meeting in secret to kill Obamacare, ignoring their constituents who have made it known loud and clear that they do not want the ACA repealed. They are: Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Mike Enzi and John of Barrasso of Wyoming, John Thune of South Dakota, Cory Gardner of Colorado, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of Texas, Robert Portman of Ohio, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee of Utah, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas. They are the hypocrite’s hypocrites.

Jared Kushner is headed for the Middle East this week to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The Middle East says tone it down a bit……maybe you should stay home and broker peace between yourself and your own fate.

A teenaged Muslim girl was leaving a mosque in Virginia with her friends and was confronted by a thug with a bat. She was kidnapped, killed, and her body discarded into a pond. Authorities won’t call it a hate crime and the All Lives Matter movement has no comment. The president kept up his do nothing tone by not mentioning it.

Trump has yet to nominate anyone for 74% of executive branch positions. Out of 558 positions that need Senate confirmation, 415 are still vacant. Nobody wants those jobs. not even immigrants.

Alex Jones is a disgusting evil man, Megyn Kelly is an ambitious skank, NBC is desperate and short-sighted, and advertisers are clueless.

Russiagate treasure map: Follow the money, follow the dirty, dirty money.

Trump voters think money laundering is actually putting money through the washing machine.

Talking point on The Hill: Tone down the tone.The talking heads are tone deaf – not a word about accountability. The Undertone? “I’m not the villain of this story.”

Happy Fathers Day

We lost seven sailors in a collision between a US destroyer and a merchant ship off of the coast of Japan. We have no Secretary of the Navy. Trump nominated Philip Bilden back in January but Bilden withdrew his name. We have no ambassador to Japan. Perhaps Paul Ryan’s wife will do it on such short notice since Trump has been giving ambassador jobs to the wives of his most loyal sycophants.

No mention of the deceased service men this morning, but Trump did tweet that his approval rating is 50%, according to one poll.

Why are Trump’s lips sealed when it comes to Russia? Because all of the Trump Towers built since American banks cut him off are financed by Russia. That, and there’s a tape out there somewhere of a naked fat Trump and Russian hookers peeing on each other.

American’s dad, Bill Cosby, is free to go home with his wife of 50+ years. He has been screwing around on her their entire marriage, but that’s their business. His rape trial ended in a mistrial giving Trump renewed hope that he can get away with treason.

Stephen King says that Donald Trump is worse than any horror story he has written.

Mike Pence is running around the White House screaming, “MOTHER!!!!!!!!

It’s the 45th anniversary of the Watergate break in. Will the president watch any of the documentaries or news coverage so he can learn a thing or two about Russiagate? Unless Fox News runs a story portraying Nixon as a victim, he won’t be watching or reflecting or thinking…..about anything.

Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, has asked for all 100 senators to meet on the healthcare bill.

Former intelligence officer and terrorism expert Malcolm Nance called Breitbart’s editor Alex Marlow out for fake news that resulted in him and his family getting 31 death threats. He demanded an apology. Alex called him hysterical. He accused Nance of calling people in the Trump administration, “Goebbles” to which Nance fired back, “That’s not true. I called them Baby Goebbles.”

The First Family is spending the weekend at Camp David. This is Trump’s first overnight trip away from the White House at a destination that is not at a Trump-named property. There is a one tee golf course and Kentucky Fried Chicken 25 miles away. Camp David has wi-fi so Twitler can keep up his pace on Twitter.

Who will be the Judas of the sycophants? Will it be Reince Priebus? Kellyanne Conway? Steve Bannon? Ivanka? Jared? Paul Ryan? Mike Pence? Dinner at the White House! Chocolate cake for everyone! Maximum seating: 12. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do my ass.

Darrell Issa, Republican congressman from Southern California, called the Resistance “pathetic” and that it’s dying out which is funny because a group of resisters have been protesting in front of his office every Tuesday for months.

Republican Caitlyn Jenner may have transitioned physically, but her character remains the same. After the shooting in Alexandria she said, “Liberals can’t even shoot straight.” Once a Kardashian always a Kardashian.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican governor of California, carried on a secret affair with his family’s housekeeper. She got pregnant and had the baby. The governator kept it a secret for YEARS. Wacko Teapublican Joe Walsh is a deadbeat dad and has owed his ex-wife over $100K in back child support. Twice divorced Rudy Guiliani had the nerve to admonish Hillary Clinton for admonishing Monica Lewinsky. Rudy has been married three times and divorced twice. He was diddling his third wife while married to his second. This of course didn’t go over well with his kids. Trump gave Rudy’s son, Andrew, a job in the Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs.

It’s Father’s Day. Trump is the first president who has been married three times and has had kids by all three wives. He’s been an absent father to all of them – he barely has a relationship with his youngest son even though he is legally married to his mother and it shows, poor kid. He has a young adult daughter he barely knows who he used as a prop during the campaign. His three adult kids have been his business partners not because he wants to build a legacy to leave for them, but because he couldn’t get anyone else to partner with him. He feigned love and loyalty to Ivanka, Eric and Don so they’d sign contracts for him. Starved for their father’s love and affection, like any other kid abandoned by their dad, his 3 adult kids were happy to oblige. He is a failed businessman, a failed president, and worse, a failed father.

The Founding Fathers must be so pissed and so sad.

Witch hunt

Witch hunt !!!! The hunt is on for witches in DC!!!!!!!

Wicked Witch of the West Wing, Kellyanne Conjob, got herself a lawyer. We’ll get you my pretty and your little alt facts too.

Trump tweeted that Rosenstein told him to fire Comey. Now Rosenstein needs a lawyer.

Trump has finally created some jobs! Lawyers! Even lawyers are having to hire their own lawyers. DC is fresh out of them so they’ve got to bus them in from other states.

The wheels on the bus go kerplunk, bam, boom, screech, pop, blew, bang, klunk, wooo, all through the town. Trump has thrown so many people under the bus that the wheels have blown off.

In a show of stupefaction and unsophistication, and a desperate attempt for media attention, a self-proclaimed patriot stormed the stage during the assassination scene in Julius Ceasar to accuse the theatre company of political violence against the right. At first the audience mistook her for a Shakespearean witch, but then she opened her mouth and everybody knew she was a right wing nut and they were in for a show. Another “patriot” shouted, “You are all Goebbels” and “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!” from the audience. Public Theatre’s stage manager handled it beautifully and escorted the bad actor off of the stage quickly so the show could go on. “Free speech for all, but let’s not stop the show.” The two opportunists started a hashtag, #freelaura, to cash in on their plot, but it backfired. People are using it to point out how stupid and unsophisticated the whole thing was.

Trump went to Miami and read straight off the teleprompter to a friendly crowd. He went there to take a bite out of Obama’s policies and challenge Cuba to a deal. Reporters covered it with a straight face. Their faces are really starting to hurt from the fake, controlled, professional countenance. During the speech, protesters blasted the Beatles “Back in the USSR” really, really loud.

JP Morgan Chase won’t let dads stay home to take care of their kids because that’s women’s work. Women running Chase? not so much.

Republican hypocrites fun facts: Tea Party Republican, Christine O’Donnell, ran for Joe Biden’s seat in Delaware in 2010 and bombed. She wasn’t a very popular candidate because tea party voters thought she was a witch. She made a TV commercial denying it, “I AM NOT A WITCH”. She may have dabbled in witchcraft a little bit in her youth, but that’s all. She became a born again Christian in her early 20s and railed against masturbation. What is she doing now? Fundraising hocus pocus – she’s asking people to give her money to help her pay for fines because she got busted for using campaign funds to pay for her personal bills during the campaign.

One term loser Tea Party Congressman, Joe Walsh, doesn’t have enough to do these days so he tweets. The latest? “Screw talks of ‘bipartisanship’. This country is at war with itself. Choose your side and choose it now. Grab your musket and get ready.” It’s the witching hour, America! Watch out for bewitched chivalrous Republicans who have a thing for witches. They’ll do just about anything to keep them from getting burnt at the stake.

Finish this: A couple of witches walk into a bar in Washington DC ______________________.

Here’s some practical magic – TAXES. SHOW US YOUR TAXES.

Two years ago Trump and Melania came down that escalator in Trump Tower amidst a backdrop of hired actors, to announce his candidacy for president. We laughed because, come on, no way. Today, it’s world leaders who are laughing. They’re mocking him.

Mueller has hired a dozen lawyers so far. More are on their way. America eagerly awaits the Jail ‘em witch trial.

Soul treign

Vice President Mike Pence sold his Puritan soul to the devil when he agreed to run on the same ticket as Dante’s Inferno. The devil has come to collect. Pence is being investigated now so he has hired his own criminal defense attorney. He’s paying him with money he raises with the PAC he just created. He’s throwing a “Keep Mike out of Jail” fundraiser for himself in Indianapolis. $5,000 a pop to save his butt. How much to save his soul? According to calculations made by the Republican Crusader Review Board, not much, but your gift is tax deductible.

Trump’s soulmate, Jared Kushner, should be sweating bullets right now because his business dealings are under investigation. He hasn’t broken a sweat yet. Insiders want to know why. Did he pawn his sweat glands for quick cash or is he the devil?

Another bulldog attorney has joined Bob Mueller’s All Star Legal Team – Lisa Page. She specializes in money laundering and organized crime. The souls of the people Trump and his family have screwed over over the years are getting in line for the trial of the centuries.

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein sent out a press release telling people not to listen to the leakers.

While Trump continues to shoot from the hip, Congressman Steve Scalise underwent his second surgery BECAUSE HE WAS SHOT IN HIS.

One of the cops who saved people from what would have been an all-out massacre in Alexandria is Crystal Griner, a lesbian. Steve Scalise authored an amendment to the constitution to say that marriage is between a man and a woman and that opinions against same-sex marriage are free speech. Crystal is expected to make a full recovery from her gunshot wounds and her soul is doing great!

Twitler was out of control all day yesterday, defense tweeting. He’s back at it this morning. It’s the crack of dawn in America. Do you know where your president is?

In response to Twitler’s tweets about Mueller being on a witch hunt, California congressman Ted Lieu tweeted back, “I will bet you a bottle of fine CA wine that America’s professional & dedicated FBI agents find some witches.”

The Southern Baptist Convention moved to denounce the “alt-right” white nationalist movement decrying “every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Resolution passed overwhelmingly. This is good news for their souls.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: 51 members of the House wrote Trump a letter in April asking him to sign a draft executive order on religious liberty to protect millions of Americans whose religious freedom has been attacked by gay people. Every time a Republican pulls the religious liberty card entire groups that aren’t white or straight or male or Christian prepare for getting screwed. Their souls don’t count.

35 years ago, the Supreme Court affirmed that all kids living in America have a right to an education, regardless of their immigration status. God(s) bless those souls!

Court finds that Trump plowing straight ahead with the Dakota Pipeline violated the law. The souls of the ancestors of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Since nobody else would do it, Trump hired his son Eric’s wedding planner to run the New York federal housing programs. She doesn’t have any experience.

Being targeted by a home grown gun nut really rattled the GOP. Are Republicans serious about their soul searching?

Self-audit time. What have you done today to help save America’s soul?

Blame game

Record breaking day for breaking news yesterday. Americans woke up to news of a mass shooting targeting members of congress. The day ended with news that the President of the United States is being investigated for obstruction of justice.

Republican from Louisiana, Steve Scalise, was shot in the hip while practicing for the annual congressional baseball game with other members of congress and their staffs 8 miles from the capitol.

The shooter was a left wing extremist, putting an end to the myth that liberals are anti-gun.

Now that gun nuts are taking aim at Republicans, you’d think that we’d hear some talk about common sense gun legislation, but no. No talk at all about America’s gun problem. There wasn’t much talk about mental health issues, either, even though the shooter was a white male. No talk of terrorism since the shooter was a white male. The problem this time is security for members of congress, creating a convenient excuse not to do town halls from now on.

Who is to blame for the shooting this time? Liberals. Newt Gingrich went on Fox News and blamed the left. Congressman Chris Collins said, “I can only hope that Democrats tone down the rhetoric.” Other members of Congress said they’ve felt increasingly more threatened over the past few months but they wouldn’t make the correlation between more death threats and the election of Trump, just how scary the pussy hats are and how liberal elites can’t be trusted. On her liberal radio talk show, Randi Rhodes said in response, “Guns don’t kill people, Shakespeare in the Park kills people.”

A year ago Rand Paul tweeted, “Why do we have a 2nd amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government if it becomes tyrannical.” Rand Paul was at the ball park yesterday.

Congressman Mo Brooks was there, too. He voted against background checks but now he wants to know more about the shooter’s background. The shooter had a history of violence with weapons against his wife, daughter, neighbors, and pets.

The shooter used an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle which he owned legally. There were over 70 shots fired in a very short amount of time making the job of the capitol police that much harder since they were carrying pistols.

The NRA talking point, “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” doesn’t have the same ring to it this time because the good guys got shot.

The first Republican to stick his neck out a little bit and say the emperor has no clothes is Congressman Mark Sanford of South Carolina. He said that the president has unleashed demons with his rhetoric. “It’s bizarre and we need to call it as such.”

Mitch McConnell and his twelve angry men lucked out again. The mass shooting kept everybody busy while they worked on their secret death care bill.

Irony of all sick ironies, yesterday the House was scheduled to have a gun rights hearing to decide if it should be easier to get silencers.

There are more guns than there are people in the US.

Right after the shooting in Alexandria, a disgruntled employee went into a UPS facility in San Francisco and shot 3 employees, killing them all. After he was done, he killed himself. Barely a blip in the media.

The head of Michigan’s health department has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the Flint water crisis.

Rex Tillerson doesn’t plan to staff the state department until next year. He wants Putin all to himself.

One of the boys called Kamala Harris hysterical. How 19th Century of him.

The Senate voted for first bi-partisan bill to restrict the White House with Russian sanctions.

Canada is opening its doors to any American refugees who have renewable energy development skills.

Very little mercy was shown on social media yesterday by anybody. Empathy has gone the way of decency in this country. American virtues are rotting on the vine.

You’d think that after the news that Trump was being investigated for corruption of justice that he’d heed his lawyer’s advice and stay off of Twitter, but no. He’s tweeting about a witch hunt this morning. He’s his own worst enemy which is really saying something because he has lots of enemies.

Nixon’s top aids went to jail.

The Washington Post reported that Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and the ambassador.

In 240 years, 14 members of congress have been killed and 10 have been wounded.

Republican hypocrites fun fact: Senator Ted Cruz from Texas shot a video of himself cooking bacon by wrapping it around the barrel of a machine gun to make himself more appealing to gun nuts and voters who like bacon. He says that people think that conservatives are either stupid or evil just because they believe in the constitution and free marketplace. He also says that people hate Obamacare, that global warming alarmists are the equivalent to flat earthers, and Democrats are the party of Ku Klux Klan. He hates Planned Parenthood – “We should not give $500 million to a corrupt organization that is selling unborn children’s body parts.” He led the fight for Republicans to shut down the government over Obamacare in 2013, costing tax payers $24 billion. Nobody can stand him. John Boehner called him Lucifer in the flesh and a son of a bitch. Al Franken said, “I like Ted Cruz more than my other colleagues and I hate Ted Cruz.” He made a big deal out of Obama’s birth certificate when he himself was born in Canada.